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In the next few sections I will go over several different methods of training for your pit bull / pit bull puppies. Some of the training methods I exercise on my yard may not be methods you choose to use on your yard due to the nature of training. Some dogs respond to different methods than others, but for the most part if you follow these basic pointers you should have pretty consistent results if practiced correctly. 

Please remember to NOT over punish or over praise your pit bull / pit bull puppies. If you over punish your pit bull / pit bull puppies it will lead to your pit bull cowering when you give a command. Pit bulls naturally aim to please their master. If you constantly punish your pit bull it will be so concerned with upsetting its master that the commands you are teaching will not sink in. Be stern with you commands and most important of all be patient. Over praising your pit bull can lead to your pit bull being ecstatic all the time always looking for a reward. Over praising takes away from the boundaries you must set owning a pit bull. If you do not set boundaries for your pit bull, you could have big problems in the future. Just like children there has to be a minimum level of acceptable performance. Meaning if you expect your pit bull to be extremely obedient you must exercise obedience regularly. Remember this is your friend and your pit bull will naturally want to please you. So treat them with love and be stern with your commands. Your pit bull must understand you are the boss and you mean business otherwise your pit bull will push its boundaries. 
In some of these exercises you will see I am telling you to do certain motions with your hands while giving commands. This is because just like humans some pit bulls are visual learners while others learn from what they hear. I can tell my pit bull / pit bulls to come and sit next to me without saying a word simply snapping and pointing and they know what to do.

Teaching Your Pit Bull To Sit

When training your pit bull how to sit I like to use a more friendly approach because this is a pretty basic command your pit bull will learn quickly. When giving your pit bull commands, make sure you use the same commands every time. Practice makes permanent and consistency is the key. 

OK let’s get started. At feeding times and when you are handing out treats in a stern voice tell your pit bull to sit, snap your fingers and point to the ground (all one motion). Repeat telling your pit bull to sit, snap your fingers and point to the ground several times so your pit bull gets used to hearing and seeing the command. At first you will have to help your pit bull so, push the hind quarters to the ground till your pit bull is in a sitting position. You may have to hold your pit bull down the first few times but they will eventually stay in the sitting position. When your pit bull is in the sitting position place food on the ground and give praise (good puppy, good boy, good girl, ETC.). Practice this at feeding times and at treat times. Just keep repeating these steps until you don’t have to help your pit bull sit. You may have to repeat your commands several times in the beginning but no worries eventually you will only have to say it once. Be patient some pit bulls catch on faster than others. As you grow more familiar with your pit bull’s nature you will learn how to modify the tips you learn here to benefit you and your pit bull. 

Teaching Your Pit Bull To Lie Down

When your pit bull / pit bull puppy has mastered the art of sitting you can move on to other commands, like how to lie down. Use feeding times and treat times to teach this command as well. You start by giving your pit bull the command to sit. Now just like teaching your pit bull the sit command you will have to show your pit bull how to lie down. In the sitting position holding the hind quarters pull the front legs forward until your pit bull is in the laying position. While positioning your pit bull remember to repeat the command several times lay down, lay down, lay down……. When in the laying position give your pit bull food/treat and praise (good puppy, good boy, good girl, ETC.). Again, you will have to help your pit bull the first few times but no worries he/she will eventually lie down on the first command. Be stern with your commands and be patient. Remember at some point and time you had to learn to crawl, walk, eat, potty, etc….. So, be patient with your new member of the family. 

Teaching Your Pit Bull How To Stay

When you feel your pit bull is comfortable in the sitting position you can move on to teaching him/her to stay. Again, we will use feeding and treat times to teach this command. First when your pit bull is in the sitting position walk away from your pit bull / pit bull puppy about 5 to 7 feet repeating the command STAY and hold your hand out like you’re going to give someone five. Your pit bull may try and stand up and walk with you, stop what you’re doing and start over. You may have to repeat this several times before your pit bull finally stays. When your pit bull finally stays slowly put the food on the ground repeating the command STAY several times still holding out your hand like your giving five. If your pit bull tries to stand up before you get the food on the ground and give the command to COME stop and raise the food back in the air repeating in a stern voice STAY. When you finally get the food to the ground step from between the food and your pit bull and at the same time SNAP your fingers and say COME pointing to the food(all one motion). Repeat the following steps at feeding times and treat times until you feel confident you no longer have to stand between your pit bull and the food. When you feel confident you don’t have to stand between the food and your pit bull keep moving the food/treat farther and farther away. Eventually you will be able to tell your pit bull to stay and walk as far as you want till you give the command to COME. Consistency is the key you must use the same commands every time along with the hand motions and this will become habit for you and your pit bull.

Leash Training

When it comes time to start leash training your new pit bull/pit bull puppy you will first need to start out getting the pit bull puppy used to his or her collar. When your pit bull is out of the crate I would encourage that you put a collar on your pit bull. Wearing a collar at all times while out of the crate could make or break a situation that could arise when owning a pit bull. Collars are a great way to gain control or restrain your pit bull if needed. 

Your pit bull will probably scratch at the collar and I have seen some cases where the pit bull doesn’t even mind the collar. No worries the scratching will go away once your pit bull is used to the collar. When you feel your pit bull is comfortable wearing the collar put a leash on your pit bull and go for a walk. I have heard some cases where trainers let the dog drag the leash around the yard but I do not practice this with my pit bulls. When you put a leash and collar on your pit bull that means you control the pace NOT the pit bull. 

When walking your pit bull take the same route everyday while you and your pit bull are getting comfortable leash training. 9 times out of 10 the pit bull is going to turn flips on the leash. Just keep walking your chosen route at a medium paced walk encouraging your pit bull to come on repeating (come on boy, come on girl, etc.). Eventually your pit bull will figure out it’s much easier to follow suit than getting dragged. 

When you see your pit bull starting to get off track give the leash a tug letting the pit bull know “this is the direction we are going”. No worries in time your pit bull will get so excited about going on walks. When you feel comfortable walking your pit bull with little resistance from your pit bull then you need to start controlling the pace. Better sooner than later because once your pit bull grows to size they can be extremely strong, much stronger than you in some situations. 

Controlling the pace can be as easy as when your pit bull starts walking in front of you be sure to remind your pit bull with a slight tug to walk beside you. Remember you guide the pit bull even if that means keeping your pit bull on a short lead until he or she understands to walk with you not ahead of you. Please remember that your pit bull works for you. 

I would not encourage misusing the power, strength and agility your pit bull possess. This could result in you or someone else getting seriously injured. Pit bulls are creatures where pride sometimes gets the best of them it is up to you as the pit bulls master to control this undesired behavior.