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How to reserve a puppy

  1. Choosing parents

Choose which parents have the most favorable characteristics you are looking for in your next life partner.

  1. Choosing your life partner.

This step is dependent on the age of the puppies, because we don’t make our clients choose there pups until pups are 5 weeks. The reason we wait is because puppies change dramatically from birth to 5 weeks. However, if First pick makes there decision prior to the 5 week mark, we can start the picking process sooner per the instructions below.

Under 5 weeks

Check the available picks to make sure the sex you are looking for has a reservation available. We start accepting reservations when puppies are 1 week old.(We will accept deposits at time pregnancy is confirmed, please call to discuss this option) picks are made in the order the deposits are received.

Example: If there are 4 males available whoever placed the first deposit gets to choose from the 4 males first. Whoever has 2nd pick gets to choose from the remaining 3 males and so on. The same goes for the female picks.

Once all deposits accepted prior to the 5 week mark have chosen their puppy, any and all remaining pups can be reserved right away per the instructions below.

Over 5 weeks

Any puppy without a reserved tag on it can be reserved right away. Placing deposit via the website is the easiest way. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss another method of payment that better suits your needs. We use Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart often as it is convenient and safe.

  1. Take home your new life partner!

Puppy must be paid in full by the age of 8 weeks and will be available for pick up and/or delivery at 8 weeks. Puppies come current on vaccinations, dewormed, vet records and registration papers. Ask about our shipping methods if out of state.

Fillout the form below to reserve your puppy.

Fill out my online form.